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What is Amazon Alexa? And Alexa Setup Guide

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant device developed by Amazon. Alexa is a brain behind the Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Tap and the voice-controlled assistant inside the Fire TV. The Amazon Alexa devices are capable of music playback, voice interaction, setting alarms, making to-do lists, ┬ástreaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news. It is equally easy to get started with Amazon’s virtual assistant: Simply, turn on your device, and the device will walk you through the Alexa setup process.

Alexa Setup Guide


Echo is a remote voice/speaker order gadget. The device comes fit as a fiddle and is about three inches wide and nine inches tall. The device highlights a capable speaker which exhibit of seven amplifiers planned to tune in for Echo’s wake word trying to react to your summons. Follow the below steps for Echo Setup:

  • The primary step is to sign in the Alexa App which you can download from for different platforms such as Windows, MAC or Smartphones.
  • Connect your device with the available internet connection and Turn On Echo.
  • Your device is ready!
Amazon Echo Plus
Amazon Echo Tap


Amazon Echo Tap is the little product of Echo. An adaptable Bluetooth speaker provides quality sound. Moreover, the Alexa setup is really easy to perform which empowers you to acknowledge Alexa and uncommon music wherever you are.

By using the Alexa voice service, one can tune in to music, hear the news, search for information etc. Follow these simple steps to setup:

  • Turn the Echo Tap ON
  • Enter the setup mode.
  • Connect Tap to an available Wi-Fi Network.
  • And your device ready.
Echo Look Setup


Echo Show is a screen and speaker device which empowers you to watch chronicles, start video converse with family and mates, acknowledge music, control splendid home contraptions. The device comes fitted with two Dolby forward-looking speakers, an 8-microphone display, 7-inch touch-sensitive screen. Follow the below-given steps to set up the Echo Show:

  • Download Alexa App.
  • Connect your Echo Show device with the power connector.
  • Next, you will hear Alexa saying, “Greetings your Echo gadget is set up for setup”.