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private detectives in madrid

The investigations involve the individual in all its aspects, with the contribution of evidence to the court . If you have daily problems on a personal or family scale , seek the help of a private investigator who can be of great help. With their help, you will be able to find answers to various situations that may arise in your life.

Arga Group Private detectives in Madrid makes our private detectives available to individuals so that you can clarify your affairs. These can help you deal with breakups, suspected infidelity, deceased people, inheritances, questionable behavior , and more. In short, they can help you deal with any type of personal problem you may have in a discreet and effective way.

private detectives in madrid

Private detectives for individuals in Madrid

Our private detectives in Madrid they can provide real evidence and truthful information to clear up doubts. In this way, you can have greater peace in your life, thus avoiding constant doubt .

You can use our services in a fairly simple way, whether you want to contact our detective office in Madrid or if you want to contact us by e-mail or by phone. Our counselors and detectives will gladly attend to any type of request you may have. We can even give you a free consultation so you know exactly what you need.

Private detectives for your company: how they can help you

Increasingly , companies are turning to private investigators to conduct legal investigations and business activities of that organization.

Factors such as absenteeism, unjustified dismissals, fraud or the need to improve some aspect of the day-to-day running of a company are some of the situations in which a private investigator is needed in a commercial environment.

work absenteeism
In 2019, work absenteeism reached an all-time high in Spain: 753,000 employees did not work throughout the year, according to the headlines of the main newspapers in this country. A fact that, ultimately, represents additional costs for entities of around 7,000 million euros, according to data from Adecco. And during the hour? According to the same report, we are talking about a loss of 100 million hours per month and a total of about 1,350 hours per year.

industrial espionage
Cases of industrial espionage are known in all fields: in the mobile telephony, food, transport or even technology and textile sectors. Industrial espionage is a common practice for intellectual property theft .

Our mission, in this case, is as follows: we gather truthful evidence and verify that the necessary legal conditions are met to be able to denounce industrial espionage. Therefore, we will begin to prepare documents proving the existence of hypothetical industrial espionage.

Mysterious client
Sometimes our business doesn’t move forward. For example, if we have a store, we may find that our sales have stagnated. Internal analyzes yielded no results; you have to rely on external analysis.

Pre-employment reports
Hiring someone represents a substantial economic effort . Every time we find more companies, before embarking on the final contract, try to collect as much information as possible.

As a result, we find that companies try to verify the background of the candidates, as well as verify certain characteristics of the employee to prevent them from becoming a malicious worker.

This can be achieved through the investigation of official documents, the study of records and complaints, and the carrying out of a complete digital follow -up to which the subject refers . In addition, it is possible to contact the companies where the employee has worked .

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